Community Server

Barthelme for CS 2.1

After working on it on and off for a while it is finally (I think) ready for release.

There probably will be issues as its only been tested on my own blog. The CSS definitely has some extraneous stuff which I will be working to be rid of for the next release. I would appreciate feedback or, even better, fixes.

Originally created by Scott Allan Wallick for WordPress.

Released under the GNU GPL.

Barthelme for CS2.1

Community Server 2.1 MetaBlog API Update

The Telligent crew back ported the Blog File Drop feature slated for CS 3.0 into 2.1. What it means is that I can upload more than one picture per post via the MetaWeblogAPI. This is fantastic news. It simply means I no longer have to futz around with the Photo Gallery should I need more than one picture in a post. This is also the first post I am doing with Windows Live Writer, which is really nice.

Get it.

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