“Somebody should come up with parody blogs for superheroes…”

Not like its an entirely original idea, but here we go.

Small child throw stones at Hulk. Call Hulk ugly. Hulk sad.

Ran drug dealing scum off the piers. Harvey seems normal…for now. Tim filling out nicely.

Peter Parker
Called out Felicia’s name during sex with MJ…she wouldn’t listen. Now I’m sleeping on the cold, cold floor.

He’s looking at me in THAT way. Again.

Reed Richards
I…I think Susan has a thing for that aquatic creep. Are not my abilities enough for her?

Frank Castle
Scum killed so far: 573. Must remember to update counter tommorrow.

The Atom
Rode in Wonder Woman’s bosom again. Doesn’t suspect a thing. A superhero’s life is full of peaks and troughs….currently it’s all peaks. Hehe.

Tried a Pinky and the Brain joke on Batman today. Not even a twitch, sigh.

Wonder Woman
Clark hitting on me again, jerk. Felt his x-ray vision.

Got tied up again today. Cursed Lasso kept slipping out of my fingers…Clark suggests it might be a subconscious reflex. Must explore this with Cassandra when we are alone.

I caught Master Bruce trying to sneak into Master Grayson’s room again. Twice in a week…I better call Miss Kyle before things go further.

Jean Grey
Was Logan’s pheromones that made me do it.

Optimus Prime
Running low on energon…again. Contingency plan: cannibalize Bumblebee.

Tony Stark
Note to self, change underwear before suiting up.

Talked to the squid again. BORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Been waiting for the JLA signal for weeks….still nothing.

Ate a small moon…it was barely filling. Surfer was whining as usual, he never stops. Ever. SO AGGRAVATING! He started crying when I called him chromedome again, like I care about his feelings.

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