Def Leppard – Animal (Drastic Symphonies Version)

Animal (Drastic Symphonies Version / Director's Cut)

I’ve not paid much attention to Def Leppard since the release of Euphoria, as I found it disappointing they went back to their old sound because of the relative failure of the adventurous Slang, which I thought surely was the blueprint for the way forward.

As such, I was pleasantly surprised by this version of their classic song, which popped up on my Spotify recommended list quite suddenly. Off of the new Drastic Symphonies album, which is described as:

Def Leppard will release a new album called Drastic Symphonies in May in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the band have drastically “deconstructed and reimagined” some of their biggest hits. The tracks include new vocal and guitar recordings as well as the fresh arrangements.

It is honestly pretty amazing, the orchestral flourishes granting weight and pathos to what I would have regarded as a party song, and Joe’s vocals which were always buried a little in the mix are front and centre, showcasing how good of a vocalist he really is. From early reviews, Animal isn’t even the strongest track on the album, and I’m really looking forward to the full release of the album.