All I can say is, SUEET! It is a project that integrates best of breed Open Source .NET software to produce an online community suite. That makes it a direct competitor to Community Server and, to a smaller extent, mojoPortal.

I’ll be looking at the possibility of migrating That Stupid Club which is currently running on CS to Sueetie. CS was nice, and for a while was the only choice, but it is just too big and too complex to customise easily.

Barthelme for Community Server 2007 v2.5

Finally done with the update of Barthelme to CS2007. Actually, Scott’s latest version 3.0.1 is so different structurally that it is less an update than a fresh port.

Why 2.5? Barthelme v3.0.1 for WordPress features very semantic markup and includes support for a few microformats. My port for CS2007 is only halfway there, for now.

The theme has a link in the footer to New York City Flower Delivery, which is Scott’s sponsor. If you absolutely need to remove it, the relevant code is very near the bottom of the theme.Master file.

Barthelme 2.5 for CS2007

That Stupid Club is now CS 2007-rised

I’ve been putting this long overdue update off due to some ridiculous workloads and just plain laziness (which would explain the lack of posts too). But yes, That Stupid Club is now running on Community Server 2007, only with the same stupid theme. The new skinning engine is really nice, but unfortunately I am just not imaginative enough to do something nice with it.

I have not ported my blog skins over so this blog is not currently running on my favourite skin Barthelme. Soon, I hope…

CS 2.1 Optimised CSS

I decided to hand optimise the default CSS that came with the CS 2.1 package, both for the mental exercise as well as to derive a less verbose set for me
to customise any future CS projects from.

The totaled file size is reduced from 179 KB to 140 KB, not too impressive but I’m sharing it anyway in the hopes someone might find it useful.

CS2.1 Optmimised CSS v1.1

Note that there should be no changes at all, visually.

Update: Ran the files through CSSTidy, down to 103 KB.

New Look, for MORE Stupid

I was fooling around with the first beta of Community Server 2007, and swiped ideas from a few websites which shall remain unnamed (“I’m a code monkey, not a designer!” is my excuse).

I guess I like the new design enough to make the effort to back port it to CS 2.1, which is a pain in the ass to skin. I guess I was getting quite sick of the old look too, which was “developed” by me from the default theme of CS by changing some colours.

As a mental exercise, I optimised the CSS files by hand, and was able to reduce the total size by roughly 10%. Common.css is now down to 40 KB from the original 52 KB.

Take a look at it on the home page

Still waiting for CS 2007.

White as Milk for CS 2.1

Yet another adaptation of a minimalist WordPress theme, “White as Milk” by Azeem Azeez.

I did the variant with the dark background by request. Not quite happy with it, but I think its usable.

White As Milk for CS2.1 v1.1

Please comment if you are planning to use it, together with the URL of your blog, as Azeem requested to see it in action.

The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL.

CS 3.0 Skinning

I was planning to go on a major skinning exercise for That Stupid Club, but seeing this, and actually reading about it, I am salivating at The Power that will be available.

Eagerly waiting for the first beta…

Update: link to Ben Tiedt’s series of posts introducing Chameleon for own future reference.