Kuniaki Haishima – Grain

“Grain” is dark, atmospheric, chilling, surreal. It reaches for the sacred while wallowing in the profane. It is like nothing else I have heard. It is perfection.

Monster OST 1 - GRAIN (opening theme)

It is also the opening theme for Monster, one of the best fictional work I have ever experienced, in any medium. Highly recommend, even for, to use a cliché, people who hate cartoons.


  1. They’re both great, but while Death Note is blatant about its themes, Monster is quite subtle. They’re for different audiences.

  2. To be honest, while I think the Death Note plot is good I had a hard time empathising with, or even liking, any of the characters. I was entertained intellectually, but I didn’t care what happens to the characters.

  3. Yeah I agree so far that Monster is better, more subtle, less adolescent… (about 15 eps into Monster) also the 2nd half of Death Note (post-L) totally sucked.

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