Eddie Vedder – No More War

With his mind he’s saying, no more
With his heart he’s saying, no more
With his life he’s saying, no more war
With his eyes he’s saying, no more
With his body he’s saying, no more
With his voice he’s saying, no more war

At the Kokua Festival in Waikiki, Hawaii, 21st April 2007, Eddie Vedder debuted this song which was composed just a few days prior. A very passionate song, and obviously inspired by the work he is doing for the documentary Body of War.

Edit: The official title of the song is No More.


  1. you stupid fuck it is people like you that cause this war to be dragged out. 4000 people in five fucking years of combat is nothing. Look at WWII dammit! We lost 20,000 fucking marines in one God Damn day (june 6, 1944 for you stupid fucks who don’t know what i am refering to) and you are fucking protesting this stupid shit in Iraq!?!?!? Grow some fucking balls and brains and realize that our God Damn soldiers are only going to come back if they can fight, kill, and, for some, die in Iraq. They have to kill men women and children for that god forsaken country to come to terms with itself. But no, FUCKS like you want to cry their God Damn eyes out because some brave fucker gave his life because you god damn activists killed him. Yea ya killed those damn soldiers. You know how? No, well let me tell you. You bitch and whine when some damn iraqi dies and force Congress to institute rules on how to fight. THERE ARE NO FUCKING RULES IN WAR! If you could support the damn war and make it to where our god damn soldiers could fight those fucking bastards then maybe our brave fucking troops wouldn’t die.

  2. That’s right America. Keep your mouths shut and your eyes closed. And definitely do not speak out against your politicians.

  3. Yeah, take a look at WWII. That’s exactly what we want again. We should just keep sending our soldiers over to be annihilated because of Oil. We had no reason to go into Iraq. It’s that simple. Bring them home and protect our own turf, not theirs.

  4. The only thing I know to be absolutely true in this whole world, is that it is fundamentally wrong to take another human life, and none of us mere mortals have any right to judge another, nobody is all bad and nobady is all good. It’s that simple. As noam chomsky said, ‘everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism, well theres an easy way, stop participating in it!’

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