Random Macross Frontier Thoughts

Holy Homage, Batman! I’m surprised nobody’s picked up on this yet (found nothing via Googling anyway). Most anime fans of my generation will have realised Saotome Alto shares a family name with Ranma, which is appropriate. But, what nobody’s picked up on is that the Italian boy Ranma voice actor’s family name is Alto.

Is the VF-25 the F-35 Lightning II to the VF-19’s F-22 Raptor? The VF-25 has a more conventional design (drawing heavily from the classic VF-1) and is probably cheaper and simpler (armaments carried externally, no passive stealth design). Disappointed that there’s been no sightings at all of the VF-19 or VF-22 in the show yet. I do wonder about the other VF found in the opening sequence, it resembles the Macross II Valkyrie…

Ranka’s performance in Episode 5 is just out of place. It might have worked better with just guitar accompaniment, maybe provided by a random wandering busker.

The locker scene veered dangerously close to yuri.

WW2 style bomber art would have been cool on the Pixies Queadlunns. Maybe of male pixies.

Ranka’s hair and phone bothers me.

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  1. So far I’ve only seen the show without english subtitles so I can only gather a few things here and there. Still, I’m exited about the series. Leave Ranka alone, she’s too cute.

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