Kannagi — Musuhi no Toki

Gods of heaven gods of earth, the myriad of gods hear me!
天つ神 国つ神 八百万神等共に 聞こし食せ

All sins of the world are no longer.

Dispelling the shrouding clouds of tall mountains and scattering the veiling mist of low hills;
高山の伊褒理 短山の伊褒理を掻き別け

Such a proclamation, hearken!

All sins of the world are purified.

Kannagi Ending Full Song

Kannagi is a decent, if generic, anime comedy. The ending theme though, is something really special. Soothing, peaceful, even beautiful, it feels like a quiet, heartfelt prayer.

Lyrics shamelessly lifted from Anime Song Lyrics.

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