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Avram Grant disapproves of this pic, casinos, lucky women and even maybe Alan Pardew
This is the only selling point the creative staff could think up I’m afraid

I can’t believe the first new show of the season I watched is Rainbow Gate, which bodes extremely ill for the rest of the stuff coming down the pipeline.

There is precious little to talk about, and seasoned anime watchers already know what the series is aiming just by looking at the promotion pic. So yes, it’s an ecchi show and no, everything else is terrible, like a hobo’s version of Saki. I won’t even say the ecchi is decent either, considering the scenarios are so uninspired it’s clear the entire production team just phoned it in with the camera angles that are Aika-esque, but not quite. The sheer absurdity of a casino hiring an odd-jobs variant of a croupier with an aura of luck can be left as an exercise for the the watcher. I got a little bit of solace though in that her role didn’t require Marina Inoue to use her tsuntsun voice, which would be pretty tiring sans any good writing, which is manifestly not present here.

I once mentioned in a conversation that R:RG would be a good tourist board advertisement for a certain banana island republic that just happens to have two casinos. Given the origins of the titular character as a pachinko mascot girl I’m sure that giving the impression that the casino is a HAPPYFUN place (and not a Kaiji-ish nightmare pit where hopes go to die) was the general idea. Granted, did it have to be so silly it involves a little pipsqueak wandering around on the casino (and outdoors!) without supervision and a horrible episodic plot revolving around a damn teddy bear?

It’s going to be a long hard winter.

(Evryone would actually give this show a thumbs up if it featured Nicholas Cage as a permanent side character every ep, and he’s faithful to his portrayal in THOSE ads. Just sayin’.)

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  1. Just skimmed through the episode, and I’m pleased to announce that it was indeed a total waste of time. This show has no redeeming value, folks.

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