Iroha 04 – Plateau Princesses and Rabid Herons



attack of killer wildlife

So Iroha is back on form once again, after that weird aberration of a third episode that revolved around a lame car chase and Ohana doing her best Gutsy Ninja speech. With the start of the semester she’s off to school in the boondocks, finding out she causes an admiring minor stir with her “natural perm from a greater metropolitian area” schtick. All this is handled with the usual light comedy that the show is so good at, but we also get more plot development as it’s revealed there’s a modern competing inn in the same town and that HobironTsun may or may not have some romantic aspirations towards a certain tall strapping man. All in all, a great episode that gives us more good Ohana antics and less bungling bondage, so thumbs up.

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