Man, it looks even worse in motion now

just award the next season of Jersey Shore to Connor and be done with it

What the hell have you wrought, Jim Lee? Now I understand you’re blissfully reliving the 90s every second in your brainpan, but the world has moved on 11 years. As co-publisher you have final say on any design, so really, the buck stops with you. Almost every costume is a complete mess of busywork and the less said about the incredible hackjobs done on Connor, Dinah, Zatanna and Harley, the better. All that’s missing are pouches and since Unca Rob is back..shudder. If I wanted X-Men team suits I’ll go read effin’ Marvel’s Wolverine and the New Heroic Non-Fearing Schismatic Uncanny Avenging X-Men.

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