Skyrim Watch, Part 2

Lots of new information available since my last post about Skyrim, but it is only at Quakecon that we got actual live gameplay footage.

(Quakecon 2011) Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 35 Min Gameplay Fixed Audio [HD 720p]

What I got from this video:

  • The draw distances are amazing. No more trees and structures popping up out of nowhere.
  • At the same time, great detailing on the little things like logs, small plants.
  • The spell effects look good, which fixes one of my pet peeves from Oblivion. I wonder how moddable they are. Hopefully Bethesda is including OBSE-esque hooks for extra scriptability.
  • While the one weapon or spell per hand mechanic looks like it’ll add whole new dimensions to game play (it looks like a super-charged version of what we got in BioShock), it looks like parrying with weapons is off the table, perhaps in the interest of game balance.
  • The areas demoed are the same as in the previously released game play trailer. Would have preferred to see something new.
  • Obnoxious audience is obnoxious.

The Collector’s Edition was also announced at QuakeCon. I’m sorry, but while I am a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series, USD150 for a PVC sculpture, a making of DVD and an art book is just a rip off.

Edit: the video was taken off. Will be updating the post once a better version is available.

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