The Greg Land Debate

How does one distinguish between art and simply copying other images and recreating them into their own work?  There was this booth at the recent STGCC which really caught my interest.

It wasn’t because I was particularly impressed by the artwork, but because Captain America’s drawing looked really familiar, and then it hit me… it was Alex Ross drawing of Superman!  Although Alex Ross is often guilty of doing something similar, at least it does not look as blatant as this.

‘Originality’ or plain laziness… you decide.

Gramps Steve Rogers
Superman by Alex Ross

Here’s another example, although to be honest, the inspirational pregnant pose is quite limited but check out the two model’s face though.

Preggers Mystique
Preggers Miranda Kerr

In case  you still didn’t know why this entry was named Greg Land. Click here.

Oh. How can I blog this post without adding this little gem :

Chasing Amy - Tracer

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