Goodbye Jaws (The Ride)

A little confession.  For the longest time, I have been dreaming of going on Jaws the ride at Universal Studios (Florida) but going to the States requires a lotta money.  I was also disappointed when Singapore’s USS did not include this ride.

The ultimate heartbreak though, came when I learned last month that Jaws :The Ride, will be taken down and replaced by… *sigh* yet another Harry Potter thingy.

I just came across this posting from /film which, I guess is the next best thing to actually be on the actual ride itself.

Jaws Ride: The Movie - An ultimate tribute to the Universal Studios Orlando attraction

To the younger crowd, the ride may look pretty lame.  But personally I thought it looked pretty awesome.  The performance by the staff, the ‘story’ of the cruise, all these seems really enjoyable. (another confession, I really enjoyed the Jurassic Park ride which is quite similar to this)

Alas, gone are the days where performance and gimmicks are replaced by 3D simulators ala Transformers Rides, which I feel just feels less personal.

Rest in Peace, Jaws. Though we never met. I already miss you.

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