RIP Squeezebox

One of my favourite gadgets is the Squeezebox Touch. And then Logitech went and killed the brand.

At least there is no shortage of alternatives should my Touch give up the ghost. We have:

  • The main competitor Sonos (pricey)
  • The crowdfunded upstart Olive ONE (DAT INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, pretty pricey too, lots of ex-Squeezebox users involved)
  • The lesser known cocktailAudio X10 (nice but pricey, again, and going by reviews the sound quality is lacking)

And perhaps others too.

There is one that stands out, the VortexBox replacement for the Squeezebox (under USD70!).

Hell, at these prices I might build 3 and give 2 away.

looks decent too, and tiny
looks decent too, and tiny

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