Kanno Yoko/Scott Matthew – Dear John

Dear John - GitS SAC OST 3

Days of night slip through my mind
In a silent motionless sky
Paralyzed and motionless
All things falter
Somewhere back
I lost myself
So far deep inside of you
Everything’s become too much
So deep, so weak
Where did I go?

Images of falling light
Move across the hollow sky
I see movement after all
Calling, falling
Remember you’re not the only one
To feel this way, ’cause I’m one
Who has also had enough
So long, dear John
I’m gonna go

Unironically one of my favourite rock songs of 2004.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex CD-BOX

Yes, got mine in the mail. Thanks YesAsia! I highly recommend them. Free international shipping (conditions apply)!

The package design is exquisite, very classy. All transparent and white.

GitS:SAC front
A shot of the front

GitS:SAC back
Of the back

GitS:SAC opened
Opened up

The styrofoam block to hold the Tachikoma USB thumb drive is a little out of place though… am I supposed to toss it out and keep the drive elsewhere? Tsk…

GitS:SAC complaint
Only complaint

Making the booklet white on white is just… ass backwards. It looks very cool and everything, but come on! The print is actually more legible in the photo compared to Real Life due to the camera flash.

GitS: SAC Tachikoma drive
The Tachikoma thumb drive and instructions

Isn’t it just the cutest thing?

One thing I noticed is that the music was beautifully mastered. There is a remarkable clarity to even the densest passages; I could hear each instrument distinctly. The music by the incomparable Kanno Yoko is fantastic, of course.

There have been complaints that the new O.S.T. 4 “Smooth in the Shell” is only available in this set, forcing fans who have already bought the other albums separately to shell out for the whole set if they want that. Pretty bad form by the record company, but for the few fans of Kanno Yoko who don’t already own any of the previously released albums (like myself, luckily), this is a great set to own.