In Defence of Paris Hilton

After learning that Paris Hilton is losing her inheritance money, I couldn’t help but pen this entry in defence of the poor little rich girl

WHAT??!!?! Lose 60 million bucks over her jail term!?!?!, Uncle…now this is truly uncalled for.  What “crime” did Paris really commit?  Poor girl’s already served her time for her crime. And besides…we’ve forgiven her for her previous “crimes” what.

  • so, she did the racy FHM Shoot – Nicky was there too..hello!?! And did she get any blame? NOooo….
  • One Nite in Paris – it’s her bastard of a boyfriend who sold it. duh! Besides, its way better than the one Pam and Tommy Lee did !! (So I heard…)
  • House of Wax - ok, no excuses for her on this one.
  • ‘Stars Are Blind’ - Hey, the song was #1 in great countries like Belgium, Slovakia and Hungary, okay!?

So, Paris Dah-ling, wipe away those tears, Uncle Golliz here dedicate one his favourite songs to Grampa Hilton:

Stop wasting my time
You know what I want
You know what I need
Or maybe you don’t
Do I have to come right
Flat out and tell you everything?
Gimme some money
Gimme sone money

I’m nobody’s fool
I’m nobody’s clown
I’m treating you cool
I’m putting you down
But baby I don’t intend to leave empty handed
Gimme some money
Gimme some money

Don’t get me wrong
Try getting me right
Your face is ok but your purse is too tight
I’m looking for pound notes
Loose change
Bad checks, anything
Gimme some money
Gimme some money

Trust me, with all these honesty spewed out into the open, in no time, Grampa is gonna appreciate your honesty and run back to you to shower you with money and kisses again.

‘Cos forgiveness is divine, and baby, that is always HOT.

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