Month: August 2007


Indeed, the thermochrome CD is very nice. Unfortunately… the tropical climate of Singapore renders it useless. I need to hold the CD up to the air conditioner to cool it down enough.

That said, I’ve recently discovered our local band The Observatory released their album second album Blank Walls with a thermochrome cover. Very nice, and all along I was thinking that the ink used was just especially susceptible to oily fingers.

Classic ASP High Jinks: Windows Script 5.7

Its been a long time since I touched any classic ASP, apart from the odd quick fix to legacy projects.

Anyway, I recently helped a friend out with a project and was surprised to learn that there was an update to Windows Script, from 5.6 to 5.7. Wow! 5.6 shipped with XP, so it’s at least 5 years old.

No official release notes, but the comments in this thread indicate that:

  1. All the security fixes/updates made in Windows Scripting from Windows Script 5.6.
  2. The adaptive GC fix which was done in Jscript that ships with IE7. This is now available publicly on down level OS and for all hosts.

…and a partially fixed circular reference problem. Sigh…

It seems that the GC fix will really boost AJAX performance on IE6, so it’s a good download for Windows 2000 users who have not yet gotten with the programme and switched to Firefox, Opera, or anything else, really.

In any case, downloads:

Windows Script 5.7 for Windows XP

Windows Script 5.7 for Windows 2000

Windows Script 5.7 for Windows 2003 Server

Rhapsody of Fire – Power of the Dragon Flame

Duh Magnet
“It’s got Power, Dragon and Flame in it! Triple Threat, man!”

“AWESOME!” *mad riffs all round*

dude…that video would be embarrassing for a singapore band

Duh Magnet
Singapore bands have trouble making ends meet, hence dignity is more impt. [:)]

Duh Magnet
Finished the PotDF mtv. It was truly a masterpiece. [:)]

“There’s just no way that we can win, that was a masterpiece.”

Duh Magnet
Seriously, I think most metal songs should only have videos using concert footage, there’s no other way to make it non-ridiculous.

or just a straightforward performance video

Duh Magnet
Assuming limited budget, competence and imagination, that is.

but given their “moves”, that would be embarrassing too

Duh Magnet
I like the “finger rings round eyes” gestures. Seriously….

Barthelme for Community Server 2007 v2.5

Finally done with the update of Barthelme to CS2007. Actually, Scott’s latest version 3.0.1 is so different structurally that it is less an update than a fresh port.

Why 2.5? Barthelme v3.0.1 for WordPress features very semantic markup and includes support for a few microformats. My port for CS2007 is only halfway there, for now.

The theme has a link in the footer to New York City Flower Delivery, which is Scott’s sponsor. If you absolutely need to remove it, the relevant code is very near the bottom of the theme.Master file.

Barthelme 2.5 for CS2007

What I learnt about love in just under 20 min of TV

I was just channel surfing this evening while waiting for “Sportscenter” to start at 10pm when I chanced upon “Honour and Passion” on Channel 8.  And for the next 20 minutes or so, I was simply engrossed with the MediaCorp Drama series.

You see, in that short span of time, I felt I have seen two interesting romantic scenarios which urges me to address it in this entry.

Love Crime A


Rui En learns that her dad (Huang Wenyong) has been recently smitten by a young (and hot) lady friend in the form of Ong Ai Leng, recently.  Since their meeting, Mr Lucky SOB has outright rejected the affections of a long-time family friend (Hong Huifang) whom through the years have been played the role of a surrogate mother to Wenyong’s children.

My Verdict :

Aww… ain’t that a shame? While Hong Huifang herself once played the role of the tramp back in her hey days of ‘Samsui Woman” (which was what, 1985?) You can’t blame Wenyong’s heartless decision. I mean, look at the pictures I posted !!! Have you seen Ong Ai Leng? Seriously! This is a no-brainer. There is simply no way in God’s green Earth would you find a red blooded man who would do otherwise.  I don’t even care if she’s a scheming bitch who’s eyeing on his CPF money, from what I see, no amount of SAF money can buy a man such good luck.  Whats the chances of a bloke of his age and looks scoring with a woman like Ai Leng?

Redcon One* to the Encik Huang.

(Army talk for Grade A)

Love Crime B

Mr Commando, Tay Ping Hui learns that the woman of his dreams, Artillery Captain Felicia Chin only has eyes for his own baby brother played by Bryan Wong. Like all love-triangles, Bryan of course, has no interest in Felicia (or he probably don’t dare to incur the wrath of his red beret and probably half-insane elder brother).

Later on, the lovestruck dumbass commando has really performed the ultimate gut-wrenching love-kamikaze.   After learning about Felicia’s birthday lunch/dinner date with Bryan, Ping Hui managed to secretly arranged a pair of singing Indian waiters to bring out a cake plus a present (a Tag Heuer) for the pleasantly surprised Felicia, while pleading for Bryan through SMS to “grant her her dream date”.

*Cue : Ping Hui leaving the restaurant with his heart in two*

My Verdict :

Now somebody pleeeeeeeeeeze explain this to me.

Boy meets girl. And girl goes for …the Gay guy.

Hello?????  There was even a scene where the baffled Rui En (she’s their sister) even asked Felicia why she would go for Mr Savvy rather than the grunt.

Felicia’s answer? “Personality clash, too quiet for her own taste, and…she relish a challenge!”

At that moment of time, I nearly fell over from the chair.

I truly believe, the only reason why girls go for the gay guy is simply ‘cos women love to change a guy. And what better challenge to the woman than to ‘revert’ a homosexual back to a straight guy through the power of her…

All I can say is.. Good luck to your ‘mission’, woman, you’ll need it.

Before I end this rant,  I must give commendations to Ping Hui’s portrayal of being the lovefool.  His awkward expressions in the presence of Felicia is really spot-on.  But the real surprise here is Bryan’s straight faced performance.  Gone are the snappy bitchy tones you see of his normal self, and instead, we get this super cool successful business dude. Heck, even I would have thought the man was straight.

And by the way, can somebody tell me when in the world did Felicia become such a hot babe? Now there wasn’t one scene in the 20 odd minutes where we have Felicia in uniform, so don’t go telling me its her in the no.3 / no.4.

Wow. It is really amazing how much changes a good hairdo can do to a person.  One day she was this skinny underweight girl with really bad mushroom hairdo and now, she’s this super and matured hot WOMAN in SAF outfit.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I am in the mood for some Vitagen.

The Alternative To The (QuickTime) Alternative

I have been using QuickTime Alternative for a long time, but onegoodmove is crashing Firefox with the last available version of QT Alternative. And given the developers stopped any further development after Apple requested that they remove the package from their website, I needed an alternative.

Now, I am not keen about going back to the official QT Player, even though the developers of QT Alternative published a guide on configuring QT Player “for optimal performance and user satisfaction”.

I managed to find “QT Lite” (thanks, Google!) which is very well put together, with just the components I need. CoreAVC and CoreAAC are not longer included but that is not a huge issue.

Overall, very happy with this “update”, and Firefox is no longer crashing on onegoodmove. Thanks, whoever put this package together.

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