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<Tim>LET’S MAKE MAGIIIIIIIC!</Burton> So what exactly is C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (a more pompous anime name is hard to recall)? Judging from the first episode, this seems to be a mad medley of Yugi-Oh, Boogiepop, Eden of the East and MEGUCA IS SUFFERING. What C does have in spades is an amazing sense of style, which makes it a more probable successor show to take over from the Star Driver timeslot rather than Ao no Exorcist. Even if nothing delivers on every other front for this show, I can see that visual asthetic take it to cult status, just like it did for all things Kiraboshi. That being said, this show is far more surreal than Star Driver ever was and is clearly meant for an older crowd with its noitaminA slot, and given the way the plot plays out in the first 20min  the watcher is unsure what the general direction of this show will be. Again, there are parallels with Star Driver, which never did mesh well its action and school slice-of-life halves. My verdict is cautiously optimistic, and we’re VERY unlikely to see a 1st ep this season that’s more attention-grabbing. P.S: The E.o.t.East similarity fascinates me, because whatever that show was trying to do, it never raised itself over its major failing of trying to stretch its cellophane-thin plot over the credibility rack without using fantasy elements. C clearly isn’t going to redo that doomed experiment, because we can see the supernatural is afoot here. In my opinion, this already makes it easier for the watcher to swallow whatever nonsensical plot twists (and in this type of show, there are bound to be at least a few) arrive down the road.

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