Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Best Sequel Ever? Not a tough act to follow

There are movies that are so bad, it’s actually fun to watch.

And then, there’s Ghost Rider.

The 2007 film was so (pardon the pun) Goddamm terrible, I would not even recommend it to my worst enemies…made me furious just to discuss it and made me want to punch Nic Cage in the face.

Amazingly, 5 years on, Marvel will be releasing a sequel to this piece of shit…but what is more scary, it actually looks pretty good.

However, why the …er.. Hell they still stuck with Nic Cage is beyond me.

What is also interesting, is the Marvel Knights branding which I think may be a step into the right direction by the studio to bring a darker (and hopefully less lame) turn.

If I ran Marvel studios, I’d just attempt to make a universe where Ghost Rider & Dr Strange and Punisher & Daredevil exists in their own Marvel Universe where lots of crazy shit can happen that doesn’t need to involve Iron man and his amazing friends. But lets save that conversation for another day.

Right now, let’s enjoy the trailer which looks slightly promising.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance- Official Trailer

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