Taiwan Long Juan Feng Vs. Mad Men : Are the two really THAT different?


I am not embarrassed to admit this, but most people who knows me were shocked (or disgusted) when I told them I follow “Taiwan Long Juan Feng” almost every night when I can. But even a show as crazy as that begins to bore me after the same shit happens for the umpteenth time.

So recently, I started watching the critically acclaimed “Mad Men”.

You know, the show where:

  • Every male character wears a suit;
  • Everybody drinks excessively like it’s going out of fashion;
  • Every characters have random sex with everyone else;
  • The one where every woman has the hots for the lead actor…

Hmm… guess these two shows have more in common than I thought.

Kinda makes you wonder if there’s a Jon Hamm/Christina Hendricks concert around the corner.

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