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Oh look, Maria†Holic is back. With the nosebleeding business as usual and Sugita’s hilarious OP, thumbs up in my book. In more Shaft news, Madoka will reach its (depressing?) ending on 4/21, with both episodes 11 and 12 aired back to back. I guess they have to take out all the water amirite, Shinbo?


I’m firmly convinced Chiwa Saito is Shinbo’s pet project, because hard as it is to top her role in Bakemonogatari, they’re trying their darn hardest here in Madoka as well. Episode 10 of Madoka will probably go into the annals of anime as one of the most ambitious efforts at infodumping ever in its history. For all of Madoka’s excess in visuals it’s really the beautiful stark simplicity of its storytelling that really captures the imagination. Now all that’s left to cement its place among the greats is the final act.

P.S:Nice fight there. Who said the series only did surreal? Not that it isn’t weird in its way…..

nanoha shaft style

Nanoha, SHAFT style

So, did Puella Magi Madoka Magica produce a good first episode? In terms of working as a series hook, I would say yes. This being a SHAFT production that isn’t gag-based, I never really expect the first ep to produce a clear picture, at least in terms of plot development. All we’ve seen so far are the usual cliches, amongst them a happy family, a magical animal and a mysterious transfer student. Shinbo’s attempt to take on the mahou shoujo genre does have all the signature visual touches you expect from the guy. Given that I generally like his body of work, I remain cautiously optimistic for the moment.