Dead Musicians

A friend claims I have an obsession with dead musicians, and I cannot say she is incorrect as I am very much looking forward to Johnny Cash’s soon to be released American V: A Hundred Highways. I am not a fan of country music, but I have been a big fan of Mr. Cash since his dominating performance on U2’s The Wanderer. The Man In Black was a total badass, and Bono is in agreement1.

That I count Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Buckley among my favourite musicians only supports her opinion.

Speaking of which, is it a sign of aging that I am as excited about Johnny Cash’s and Neil Young’s new albums as Pearl Jam’s and Tool’s?

[1] Bono said: “Locusts and honey … not since John The Baptist has there been a voice
like that crying in the wilderness. … Every man knows he is a sissy
compared to Johnny Cash.” Amen.

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Diabolus in Musica

Interesting article on the BBC about the Devil’s Interval, otherwise known as the tritone. Its cool that Black Sabbath was mentioned, but come on, you have an article about the tritone and no mention of Hendrix’s Purple Haze?

Wagner’s music rocks by the way, even if he was an unpleasant individual.

New Love

Picked up this darling just a couple of days ago, courtesy the government of Singapore.


Its an Ibanez SZ320. The photo fails to do it justice.

Posing it in front of my other treasure, the CD collection. Fell in love with the tone and feel when I tried it, was a no brainer. The intonation was just about perfect off the shelf, and I did not need to adjust the action. It has a set neck, string-though-body design, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard… and the bridge is a thing of beauty. Sustains forever. Aaaaaaa… you could go and have a bite and… aaaaaaaaa… you’d still be hearing that one.

Oh my ex-guitar, you have served me well, but your hardware is corroding, the frets are worn out, and your knobs and pickup toggle and other bits are falling off. And Marty Friedman endorses my new love. I’m sorry but it wasn’t even a contest…

Now all I need is an amp that goes up to eleven.

Tabbable 0.1

I needed a light-weight tabbing widget for one of the projects I was working on, and not finding anything satisfactory decided to throw one together.

The objective was to make it as simple to use as possible. The content to be tabbed should be marked up like so:

<div id="tab1" class="tabbable">1st tab</div>
<div id="tab2" class="tabbable">2nd tab</div>

Important things to note, IDs must be defined, and the class set to tabbable.

There should be an empty div to hold the generated tabs.

<div id="tablist"></div>

A call to initialise the script is made in the window onload event:


There is only one compulsory parameter, and that is the default active tab. There are two optional parameters, tabNav and tabClass. tabNav defines the id for the HTML element to hold the tabs in and defaults to tablist if undefined, and tabClass defines the class of the tabbable content, which defaults to tabbable.

The script is built from the prototype $ and getElementsByClass functions as presented by Dustin Diaz.

Daughtry Unoriginal? Surely Not…

So, the controversy over how Chris Daughtry made the cover of I Walk The Line “his own” refuses to die. Get over it folks, its American Idol, blandness is a virtue. It only proves one thing, the judges are out of touch, and Daughtry really should have corrected them.

Disclaimer: I do not watch American Idol.

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Kerio Carries On

Some hopefully good news. Sunbelt has agreed to acquire Kerio Personal Firewall from Kerio Technologies and will continue to have a free version available for home users.

With Zone Alarm suffering from stability problems, and Sygate getting discontinued, this could be great news.

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Very Disappointing, Symantec

Looks like Sygate Personal Firewall will be no more. Knew this was going to happen, after Symantec took over Sygate a few months ago. I was a pretty loyal user of Symantec back in the late 90s but now I avoid their products like avian flu. While Norton Antivirus is just bloated, the Internet Security suite is bloated and under-performing. Killing Sygate PF is not going to increase sales of your Internet Security suite, Symantec.

Sygate PF was probably the best of the free software firewalls available. I’ll probably be taking a look at Jetico.

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Introducing µTorrent. It is a pretty young client, and already it is gaining a groundswell of rabid users. I have been using it for a while and, barring an unfortunate tracker stat incident with an earlier version, am very pleased with it.


  • The size of the executable is under 100 KB
  • CPU and memory utilisation are minimal, as in just about insignificant
  • Very fast iterations for bug fixes/new features (though this means users are all essentially beta testers)
  • Enough features for most users

The only negative I can think of is that it is not open source, but probably a moot point given the amazing work done so far.