Halite 0.28

New version of Halite released with a snazzy new icon. Changes from 0.27 to 0.28:

  1. IP filtering support eMule style ipfilter.dat files.
  2. DHT support, thought it is turned off by default.
  3. Can select alternate save directory for torrents.

Long time readers of my blog (yes, all two of you!) will know that since BitTorrent Inc announced the acquisition of µTorrent, I have been keeping an eye on the development of Halite, and the library it was based on, libtorrent.

The major stumbling block to more widespread adoption is, I believe, the lack of support for protocol encryption (PE) in libtorrent. Well, the bad news is there is still no support. There is good news though. Eóin, author of Halite, is considering implementation of PE and contributing it to libtorrent. Most excellent. Pity that I am no C++ hacker, or I would have given it a shot myself.

I cannot recommend replacing µTorrent with Halite right now, but once PE is implemented, add features and polish from a few more iterations and I should be all over it.

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