Once More into the Midkemian Breach….


Why do I still bother plowing through YET another of Feist’s derivative works? Probably because it gets more and more digestable with each book, since the original portions get shorter and shorter shrift and more and more elements are recycled in. Spin the (Plot) Wheel, Get the (Book) Deal, I guess.

I cast the chickenbones onto the floor. They read:


Hmm. More to follow.

Madness at the Valley(tm)

It’s HT with the Addicks and the Hammers socking it to each other like the pathetic sight of condemned men fighting over the last drumstick before the hanging and the drawing and quartering. Result?

Charlton 3-0 West Ham

More to follow. (I don’t doubt in other enclaves in London…say, the Emmigration and the Lane without the Tube…..folks are savouring this like sweet, sweet ambrosia) 

And there you have it at FT: 4-0, courtesy of Jerome Thomas and the Bent Worth 18m(tm). Even JFH had an assist or two. That said, unless Wigan falls deeper into the mire, it might be too little, too late for Pardew’s re-energized side.

The match was probably the encapsulation of West Ham’s woeful, woeful season. Their fans will probably have to endure “You’re Going Down” chants by opposition for at least 10 more games before they slip off quietly into the night.

The Wonderful World of BBC “Punditry”

Kevin Nolan is already the talk (snickering talk, but he’ll take
whatever comes) of the footballing community with his staggeringly
insipid columns for Aunt Beeb. But his most recent needs an award for
the “Most Boring Depiction of A Decadent Footballer’s Holiday” category:

After training every day we had to spend 15 minutes in the sea as part of our warm-down.

Needless to say, lots of the players start splashing each other.

The other day I jumped on Ricardo Gardner’s back and dunked him.

He emerged from the water in something of a panic, wagging his finger in my direction.

Few in this world could pull off dull and gay in the same tone, but Nolan has managed it. Here in dinky Singapore, we salute ye.