Seems like one Ed Norton isn’t enough to rein in that body

As if the Oscars weren’t enough of a circle-jerking snooze fest, they’re now threatening YouTube for hosting the clips that in small, digestible bits, is the only way a sane human can take in anything from the yearly train wreck. Since the Ed Norton gift bag debacle (for Hollywood), the Oscar community has regained its appetite for self-indulgent bullshit, and they want those nefarious cappers stopped! Here’s my take:

  1. Ellen isn’t funny, but she’s safe enough for the establishment
  2. Gore did pretty well enduring to the sickeningly sycophantic treatment throughout the ceremony. It’s clear that Hollywood wants ON(tm) to the green bandwagon, no matter how ridiculously hypocritical that stance is. (besides ineffectual token efforts like the Priuses in LA)
  3. Giving Scorsese the Oscar after so many far better attempts just illustrates the Oscars for the self-congratulatory farce it is. There’s also the tiny fact the Departed was an incredibly awkward hack job trying to stitch all 3 IA movies together, and the ending was pussified to sell to N.America.

On Monday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart even did a self-mocking skit with John Oliver, focusing on the fact that his skewering of the Hollywood ego machine last year was unappreciated by the live audience. Such delicate sensibilities must be carefully coddled, folks.

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