Deaths March 2008

The first quarter of 2008 isn’t over yet and already two men who shaped my world have passed on.

To use what is by now a cliché, Gary Gygax failed his last saving throw on the 4th of March. Thanks Gary, for all the hours of imagination, joy and friendship your creation brought me and countless other geeks across the multiverse. I will never forget the days of “Traps? Pfft! I boot the door down.”. The Order of the Stick put it more eloquently then I ever could, so the strip shall have to speak for me.

Jeff Healey was a giant of music, and it is criminal that he is not held in higher regard by the general public. Few knew that his real love was for old American jazz or that he played the trumpet and clarinet expertly. Here he is at his incendiary best absolutely ripping it up on the title track from his debut album “See The Light” with a little help from Dr. John, Marcus Miller and Omar Hakim.

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