Ricky Gervais, I worship thee …

It has always been said that the Golden Globes are literally just an excuse for the Hollywood Foreign Press throwing a star-studded lavish 4 hour party for Hollywood bigwigs to pat each other on the back.

Well, somebody sure didn’t remember to tell that to this year’s host, Ricky Gervais.

The visibly slimmer acid-tongued  has lost none of his sting.  Insulting presenters and Hollywood in general. The man was on fire.  Sadly, most of the stars forgot to remove the stick wedged up their arses, and even starts rebutting at the host (which I must say is a first for me).

My big surprise was after Robert Downey Jr’s comeback at Ricky’s funny intro, he went on to suggest the nominees shoulda slept with him.  So, I suppose making cracks at screwing an actress is OK, but being teased about your past convictions are a no-no?

I dunno.. but RDJ has always been a charming bastard and manages to pull off the risque little speech well.

On the whole, I thought Ricky managed to do the impossible.

He made the Golden Globes fun.

Thank God for Ricky, even if he doesn’t believe in one.


Interesting notes :

Why is Mark Zuckerberg suddenly being revered whenever “The Social Network” wins anything? Did MZ threaten to remove their Facebook accounts or something?

Is Christian Bale channeling Johnny Depp or was he trying to look like Jesus?

Holy Jesus, Batman!!

Ain’t it great to see Trent Reznor win for Best Score? It’s so hip and non-conventional, and best of all, it already got dumped by the Academy (Oscars) cos it’s not ‘original enough’

Speaking of the Social Network… DAVID FINCHER. BEST DIRECTOR. WOOHOO!!

Why does a blonde Emma Stone look more like Lindsay Lohan than Gwen Stacy?

Lindsay? Is that you?

But last but not least. January Jones, the hands-down winner for Miss Golden Globes 2011.



  1. Hollywood has always turned on the hosts that didn’t join in their safe circlejerk. Remember a certain Mr Rock, Chris?

  2. As for Facebook, not surprising they fellate it. What is it but the biggest circlejerk in existence? Hollywood hasn’t been paid off, they’re in AWE.

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