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I’m not Sherlock’s sidekick nor that shop you buy tissue paper from!

I was just ‘glancing’ through the list of torrents for the day when I came across eztv offering “Jeopardy: IBM Challenge” for download, coincidentally the game was brought up again during the end segment of video podcast ‘The Totally Rad Show”.  Naturally, this aroused my interest, so I checked out what exactly is going on… turns out, IBM had invented their latest AI, nicknamed Watson.

Being a non-tech head, I can only explain Watson is really er…smart.  Watching it compete against two of Jeopardy’s best players ever totally blows your mind.  I’ll give you a spoiler, Watson won.

No, it didn’t just win.  It blew away the competition.

You really gotta take your hats off to the folks at IBM for being able to create this…but on the other hand, you kinda wonder when it’s gonna come ‘online ‘ and set the nukes on us. ha!

The wiki entry says that Watson will be used for advancing medical science… but why just limit it to that?

Here’s a few TSC suggestions of our own :

  1. Let Batman finally have his Batcomputer!
  2. let it crack the DaVinci Code
  3. teach George Lucas how to direct movies
  4. show us the tactics to defeat FC Barcelona
  5. what women REALLY want from men
  6. run for our next General Election
  7. fansub all anime
  8. tell us if the world really ending in 2012?
  9. predict the Toto
  10. explain what does “42” really mean?


if cheung can cook so can you

Compliments to the Chef!

You know it’s something happening when two different friends sends you two different URL about the same news.

Read more about Flora Cheung here.

R.I.P. John Barry

In the midst of all the insanity of football transfer news over last night, I actually didn’t realise the passing of the great composer, Mr John Barry.

You won’t find me blogging much about music news as I know nuts about this subject, but Mr Barry is kinda different.  Probably best known for his works in the James Bond films, John Barry probably created what is best described as the “Bond Sound”.

Mixing a blend of horns, jazz, strings, brass (I’m not entirely sure what I’m listing here is even correct, so don’t get pissed if I got them wrong), his influence in the soundtrack of future Bond films which he does not even contribute can be felt.  (Don’t believe me? Check out the Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace songs.)

I guess I would probably want to list down one of my favourite soundtracks of all time. One that I actually bought (in cassette tape, no less) because I had a thing for a-ha when I was a boy, but ended up loving for the rest of the instrumental tracks when I grew up.

The album, as you would have guessed correctly by now, is “The Living Daylights” (1987).  The soundtrack would turn out to be Barry’s last contribution to the Bond franchise.  Fusing a bit of disco, a bit of classical music and  lots of that ‘Bond Sound’, this soundtrack when listened today brings a very retro-futuristic vibe to it.

I have included my favourite track of the movie’s soundtrack below, which I just found on youtube, which is I guess my way of honouring the passing of the great composer.

John Barry – The Ice Chase (from The Living Daylights OST)

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