Please donate to the Japan tsunami disaster relief

Hello, this is the owner of the blog. Regular readers of our blog (all three and a half of you, you know who you are) know we are just a bunch with no agenda beyond writing whatever we want to write about and having fun doing it. This would be the first time I’m writing about something serious.

I presume every one of you who might see this post knows about the situation in Japan. On the 11st of March, Japan was struck by a massive 8.9/9 magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami was devastating.

We have all seen the videos and the horrifying photographs of the aftermath, and if you have been keeping up, you know the news getting out to us is worse by the day.

I’m asking you as a fellow citizen of the world, please donate to the relief efforts.

Fellow Singaporeans, as of now (6:20pm UTC +08:00, 14th March 2011) our local Red Cross has finally gotten their permit to raise funds. I will be updating this post with information as it becomes available.

EDIT: all links removed in favour of Google’s crisis response page. Proceeds go directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

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