von Trier Destructo-Psyche attack, roll vs -8 to save

unlimited powah
Unlimited Powah, tak skal du have?

Melancholia is von Trier’s new film, and looks to follow Monsters back in 2010 in taking a mainstream Hollywood concept and relegating it to a basic background plot premise in order to focus on the characters. Of course, this is a v.Trier film, which means it’s going to veer hard right into demented territory. I don’t expect it to have the raw impact of Dogville and/or Antichrist though, unless that whole trailer throws us for a loop. This is the man who claimed that all of his films till now have had happy endings. He’s either a supreme troll, a subversive genius or a complete nut. Perhaps a little bit of all three. Still, if he’s bonkers, it’s the good kind of bonkery.

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