After watching the gang at the ‘The Totally Rad Show‘ (for those who don’t know, they are a trio of of video podcasters who IMHO created one of the best video podcast out there) play the game ‘Flickchart‘, I couldn’t resist signing up my own account to see how accurate Flickchart would be.

The premise of flickchart is pretty simple.  Two movies will be randomly presented to you (which you can customise, but what’s the fun in that) and all you need to do is just choose Left vs Right.  If either or both movies had not been seen by you, you can regenerate a new movie.  Flickchart will then stack and rank your choices.


Now I must confess, this is THE perfect game for me, and I am highly addicted to this game right now.  I pride myself to be a pretty huge movie buff and is taking the task of ranking the movies very seriously.  So in many cases, it’s like choosing which finger to chop off… or better yet, when TWO bad movies are pitted against one another, and you have to choose one it’s even tougher than choosing one good movie over the other.

That being said, the game is definitely flawed.  For one thing, sometimes a bad movie keeps getting repeated and to make things worse, pitted against a movie I despise even more, and this results in bad movie going up the charts. WTF!

Case in point : Mission Impossible II is now #11 on my chart out of 300 movies. Don’t see how ridiculous this is? Well, it’s ranked 9 spots above The Godfather.  Also, No country for old men, one of the best movies I’ve seen…is on my worst list, ranked at #12.

Clearly the algorithm needs further tweaking.  But hell, this is still one of the most fun I’ve spent my time on. Although half-way through the game, I wondered how come nobody has ever thought of stacking a babe vs another babe…and then I remembered, Mark Zuckerberg has already done this in Facemash, as shown in my favourite movie of 2010, The Social Network, which sadly is nowhere to be found amongst my 300 movies.

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