Thundercats S01E07 – Stuff Should Always Come With A Manual

(This should be spoiler free.)

It's effin' Mon*Star

Hey, hey, look who decided to drop in.

Beyond that amusing cameo (let’s be honest, as bad as Silverhawks was, it had its own trippy charm, so a crossover show could be intriguing), it’s really hard to say anything without spoiling the episode, so I shall emphasize that the show is going from strength to strength now with each week. Besides the excrement that was episode 3, and the rather cliche and trite Song the Petalars that followed, the show is doing a very credible job ramping up the plot threads and action without abrupt shifts once a certain new member of the cast joined our furry crew. The animation is a cut above the usual standards of shows aimed at the US domestic market, and it certainly is better than what Avatar delivered in its first season. Studio 4°C is handling the animation, following up from their work with Transformers Animated, but with a visibly larger available budget, so everything looks optimistic and my early worries have pretty much evaporated. It’s still a children’s show, which means the violence has been toned down from the premiere (regrettably, because who doesn’t want an alternative English Guin Saga?), but I worked around that with Avatar and I’ll work around it with Thundercats.

On a curious note, some fans will note the similarities Legacy has with a certain episode in Avatar’s third season, involving both a greybeard and a flashback as well. There are significant differences, but it’s still pretty striking. Ah well, there’s only so many ways you can spin a monomyth, after all.

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