The XP SP2 Half Open Connections Limit Myth

I still see this bandied about as a possible factor in slow P2P speeds. It is easily misunderstood, but the half open connections limit imposed by XP SP2 and Vista does not matter for P2P speeds. It limits the rate at which connections can be made, not the total number of simultaneous connections.

Now, 10 half open connections seem a little low, but most ordinary users do not need more than this. Even heavy P2P users such as myself.

I usually run eMule and Bittorrent at the same time and I do not usually partake in very popular torrents (my usual haunts: Pleasuredome and DIME; what would I do without you guys?) but I usually have no problem maxing out the bandwidth available to my 3 Mbps connection. Sure, the clients spin up a little slower than before but how does it matter? I wasted maybe two or three minutes? The other negative side effect would be the occasional 4226 error in the Event Log, but I don’t care about that.

I am not denouncing LvlLord’s patch as evil as I really do not care if everybody installs it, but it won’t increase your P2P speeds. It won’t make your computer run better. It won’t solve the global poverty problem and it definitely won’t make you more popular with the gents/ladies.

XName – Free DNS Service

Hating to deal with the inconvenience of the ZoneEdit "only the first five domains are free" rule (yes I’m very cheap), I searched for a free alternative and I think I found it, XName. Though the ZoneEdit user interface is simpler and probably more helpful, making it more suitable for beginners, XName does not lack in features and the interface is arguably more convenient once you get used to it.

In any case, its really a great and free service, so please contribute some spare cash if you use the service and can afford it.