CCCP14 Released


This is the 2007-02-22 “Anonymous does not forgive” build. CCCP is still the best codec pack as far as I am concerned. Coupled with the ffdshow speed ups for Vorbis and H264, this is really the only thing you need for video playback on Windows PCs*.

Also: Vista compatibility, and Zoomplayer 5.0.

* apart from Quicktime and Real content

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Slashdot….the Zoo for Geeks

Editorial standards for Slashdot are always a joke (has it passed the Digg Asymptote? Is it possible?) with the IT geek community, but they’re usually more subtle than this. Even footballing sites have less obvious WUM (windup merchant) fare. But it does bring back memories of college/uni/whatever tertiary-level brain augmentation you’ve gone through, which can be good or bad.

P.S: If an algorithm doesn’t do O(1), cure cancer and give me a consciousness-altering blowjob before breakfast, DON’T BOTHER.

It’s the Grand Ol’ Lemming Rush

My thoughts on Wikipedia (or knowledge by mob rule, as I call it) is pretty unprintable, so it doesn’t surprise me in the least that when we as a race see a bad idea, we create a bandwagon. It’s the good ol’ concept of “If we have to fuck things up, let’s do it together!” Which leads us to….


Wikipedia’s idea that knowledge has to follow a golden mean is one of the by-products of the postmodernism era, and sadly no one seems to be immune to it, and it’s the height of irony that the sneering at “ivory tower intellectualism” is permeating the entire spectrum of US society. It’s pretty hard at times to discern whether the monolithically dense conservative bloc in the US are actually serious or just trying to make us go through life with a sneaking suspicion that one or both ROCK-HARD(tm) legs are being tugged viciously, but this seems legit, considering the lockdown the admins did when the site became general knowledge (with predictable results).

If this was drawn up by actual right-wingers, it just shows that nobody does self-parody better than a conservative, albeit non-intentionally and with more ZING than Jon Stewart could ever manage. The article on Shrub sums up DELIGHTFULLY the “Look There!” mentality of conservative politics in the US. Sadly, there’s no reason to expect the approach won’t work on the voters that aren’t too apathetic to drag themselves to the ballot box.