Life Lessons from TW LJF


RECAP of the Last Episode of  Taiwan Long Juan Feng

So, It ends.

And what a damn boring ending it was.  After taking a shower, and ironing my pants, the damn folks are still not done shooting their guns at one another.

In fact, I don’t even understand why they carry pistols when they hardly shoot the damn thing. (and since they don’t shoot, why are the police wearing bullet proof vest!?)

So, the ep begins with Huang Ping Qiu getting executed by a bullet through the head, which is an irony cos I recalled #1 Killer A-De couldn’t even kill him when he emptied a magazine at point blank range.

Then I went to take a shower and everyone was on the rooftop threatening each other with their guns.  (Gun control is a major issue in Taipei. It’s as if every one and their mother can just whip out a pistol from nowhere)

After 20mins of empty threats, Zhilong took the place of sour puss Jiayi and leapt to his death, falling to his death in slo mo while recalling all the awesome stuff he done :

Killed my fake dad

Killed my real dad

Killed my dad- in – law

Made real mum cry x 20 times

Made my wife cry x 14 times

Killed my dad in law (oh, I said that already)

Made sweet love with Yvonne

Man, I am Awesome.


Somehow the good guys managed to get the guns, Jiayi slapped Angel, the latter looked shocked! (this is one thing I can never understand about the show, the woman killed their brother, and she’s like… “is this slap necessary!?!) anyways, back to the show…

shot Angel in the leg, nobody shoots, everyone bargaining for soemthing , police arrives, Angel refuses to surrender, ran to jump off the roof

Second best bit of the show : Nobody amongst the 20 odd gun welding folk even bother to shoot the villainess as she slo mo run her way off the edge of the roof, yet they keep repeating her name hoping she’ll stop running.


Anyway, Angel meets the floor. Splat.

Fast forward, to the living room and this is the moment everyone.

Three hundred, Seventy-One episodes later, and it boils down to these two last sentences from Mr Huang Zhizhong

“Life is full of up and downs, Life is full of joy and sorrow…

BUT….the lesson in life is…

<Jia he wan shi xing, He le jiu shi li liang!> YAY !!!!!!!

to this I say… KNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word to your mother.

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  1. So same old crap we expect from Chinese dramas, long draggy plot to fill out the allocated run and an improbably rushed resolution. It’s like a sundae made up of crass “RATINGS!!!111” exploitation topped with a cheap homily cherry.

    P.S: Was the idiot grinning when he said that?

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