Will the REAL Wonder Woman please stand up?

Just a small followup to my fellow blogger’s post on this, it seems NBC has a slight functional sense of shame and has revamped the costume, somewhat. Still this is all just turd polishing when the basic work of finding the right actress has been screwed up so horribly, because there is no way Palicki resembles the Rucka-era Wonder Woman, probably the sole reason the character picked up popularity this decade.

The original costume was so ridiculous that it got massively panned by anyone with vaguely functional eyes, but it’s made even sadder when the problems could have been mitigated if they had given any thought at all to the costume during the brainstorming process. It had the worst of both worlds, basically taking the current alternative costume used now on JMS’ run in the comic (which to be fair, had a mixed reaction too, but it was nowhere near the kerfuffle NBC received for their attempt), but changing the costume in terms of coloring and highlights to try to appeal to classic fans. As usual, it pleased no one.

After the shock at seeing the costume for the first time died down, fans consoled themselves with thought exercises in trying to find an optimal design, where the most promising ideas usually came from cosplayers and convention folks. Others lamented on what could be with various other actresses in the role, such as Cobie Smulders, who clearly is a better fit for the Adam Hughes ideal than Palicki.

Needless to say, all this ranting is rather academic, and serves only to allow the fandom to blow off steam. The show is almost assured of bombing, since they can neither get the costume, main character casting nor the choice of director right. Still NBC is desperate, and more importantly, committed at this late stage, which just serves to give the coming trainwreck a tragicomic quality.

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