Day: August 26, 2011

Remakes, remakes everywhere

This looks intriguing enough. On the superficial side the atmospheric particle effects and the radar screen looks well implemented. Gameplay-wise if it replicates the original game with a few sensible additions I’ll be satisfied. I’m not exactly expecting Supreme Commander, just something that looks reasonably polished and is good for a nostalgia trip. Everything else is a bonus.

Skyrim Watch, Part 3

So it turns out Skyrim will feature same sex marriages for your character. Beth’s VP of marketing Pete Hines confirmed it in a tweet.

More choices = better in a Role Playing Game, I say, as long as it wasn’t implemented at the expense of some other aspect of game play. Going by what we know and seen so far though, any fear of that is likely unfounded.

At least, it won’t be anything like that abominable sequel of an RPG, Age of Dragons 2 or something…

Counting on that hoary old saying

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

What is the intended audience of this product? Old X-COM fans are pissed off that the brand has been slapped on a generic FPS. The name isn’t strong enough to attract sales from non-fans.

Honestly, a 60s-era Area 51 themed shooter named anything else? If the reviews were decent, then hell yeah, I’d buy and play it. Putting my beloved X-COM name on it guarantees I won’t even give it a chance.

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