Unfortunate Words

The great defensive battleship (with the turning radius to boot) Philippe Senderos tells us in detail what Joey Barton’s tackling style really is about:

TOTT: Philippe Senderos' slip of the tongue

Talking about verbal gaffes (and long memories), here are some choice selections from some ex-Arsenal alumni…

The work we do is not getting the credit it deserves because we are not winning silverware. It is unfair because I think we have more merit as a club than those who have built their teams with millions of pounds whereas Arsenal have brought in young footballers who have come here to play a certain kind of football and who have developed.

-Samir Nasri (2010)

I really believe that if you are a player who thinks only about money, then you could end up at Manchester City.

-Gael Clichy (2009)

City may spend a lot, but they will never overtake the Top 4 of the Premiership.

-Kolo Toure (2008)

…aaaaand Aunt Beeb dutifully reports

Nasri, 24, said: “Arsenal have good fans but not that passionate since they moved from Highbury.

“City fans are really passionate. When we played against City, the crowd was amazing. That’s what I want.”

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