He comes from a long, noble lineage

To follow up on the Adebayor goofiness, Spurs fans find themselves in a busy quandary having to amend THAT elephant song they sing about him due to his Arse affliation. Some of the..erm, suggestions so far for newer editions:

Adebayor, Adebayoooor
Your dads an accountant,
Your mum studies law

Adebayor, Adebayor
If you get on a bus with him,
stay near the door

Adebayor, Adebayor,
your parents are ok
as long as you score

Adebayor, Adebayooor
He’s seen Arsene Wenger
Touch Wilshere’s back dooooor!

Adebayor, Adebayoooooor,
your dad watches elephant….
documentaries on ITV4

His dad heals sick elephants,
And his mum’s got a new job


He stamped a rapist
And slid on the floor


We’ll wash the elephant
As long as you score

Adebayoooor, Adebayooooor
He scores for Spurs
and gets paid by Mansooooour

Unfortunate Words

The great defensive battleship (with the turning radius to boot) Philippe Senderos tells us in detail what Joey Barton’s tackling style really is about:

Talking about verbal gaffes (and long memories), here are some choice selections from some ex-Arsenal alumni…

The work we do is not getting the credit it deserves because we are not winning silverware. It is unfair because I think we have more merit as a club than those who have built their teams with millions of pounds whereas Arsenal have brought in young footballers who have come here to play a certain kind of football and who have developed.

-Samir Nasri (2010)

I really believe that if you are a player who thinks only about money, then you could end up at Manchester City.

-Gael Clichy (2009)

City may spend a lot, but they will never overtake the Top 4 of the Premiership.

-Kolo Toure (2008)

…aaaaand Aunt Beeb dutifully reports

Nasri, 24, said: “Arsenal have good fans but not that passionate since they moved from Highbury.

“City fans are really passionate. When we played against City, the crowd was amazing. That’s what I want.”