Quintessential Music Player

5 years ago today, the last version of Quintessential Music Player was released. It was, in my opinion, the best available audio player on Windows at the time.

That was unfortunately the last gasp of a lineage going back to 1997, when in an earlier incarnation as Quintessential CD it was the best audio CD player software available. QMP together with the early P2P protocols such as Naspter and AudioGalaxy expanded my musical horizons to a breadth that would have been unimaginable without this technology.

I stuck with it till probably 2011 or so, when I picked up a Squeezebox Touch (what is it with me and music tech?). It was also around that time I assembled a new desktop PC running Windows 7 64 bit which QMP didn’t play very well with, and so ends a short but significant phase of my life.

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