Kanno Yoko/Scott Matthew – Dear John

Dear John - GitS SAC OST 3

Days of night slip through my mind
In a silent motionless sky
Paralyzed and motionless
All things falter
Somewhere back
I lost myself
So far deep inside of you
Everything’s become too much
So deep, so weak
Where did I go?

Images of falling light
Move across the hollow sky
I see movement after all
Calling, falling
Remember you’re not the only one
To feel this way, ’cause I’m one
Who has also had enough
So long, dear John
I’m gonna go

Unironically one of my favourite rock songs of 2004.

Pearl Jam – W.M.A.

W.M.A. (Remastered)

Something topical.

I did not understand the song when I first heard it, more than 20 years ago. As part of the majority race in my country, I arguably still don’t but I can at least try to see and recognise inequality and injustice.

Sturgill Simpson – Sing Along

Sturgill Simpson - Sing Along (Official Video)

Sleaze rock filtered through ZZ Top’s Eliminator. I’ve not been this excited by a musician new to me in many years. The accompanying Netflix anime to his new album SOUND & FURY is insanely good, too.