“A new definition of pain and suffering…”


Tyler James performs 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - The Voice UK - Live Semi Final - BBC One

UNHOLY. I wish ol’ Freddie could claw out of his fabulous grave and take off this fuckwit’s head with his overbite like the rabbit of Caerbannog. And they want a SECOND season of this?!

A Toast to the Greatest Overbite in Rock

defiant against the night

Google did a Google Logo tribute on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s birthday, which was a very nice touch, but I wasn’t aware that Brian May did a post on the Google blog to mark the occasion as well.

Here’s Time chiming in, and Queen will be streaming the Wembley concert for two straight days via Youtube.

On a personal level, Queen will always be one of my favorite bands, and I regard Freddie Mercury as one of the most distinctive…if not THE most distinctive rock voice of our era (AH! AH!), and with his passing Queen effectively ceased to exist as a functional group. Even non-fans will find it quite difficult to argue against the impact Queen’s performances had on the Live Aid concert in particular and Wembley in general as an iconic rock concert venue. Here’s a happy 65th, and may memories never die.