Red Tails – That’s Not a TIE Fighter

Red Tails (2012) HD Movie Trailer - Lucasfilm Official Trailer

My only exposure to the subject matter in moving pictures was the 1995 HBO film with Laurence Fishburne and it’s always a fascinating subject to revisit, as it’s one of the most interesting subtexts on how social and racial demographics impact the execution of total war. This actually looks pretty decent and raises hopes it will be a good flick, and on a purely visceral level the Me 262s should warm the cockles of any war nerd’s heart.

As an aside, this looks like the first Lucasfilm-affliated product that isn’t a complete wash out of the gate in a long while. Let’s hope the Taint of Lucas doesn’t strike this time round.

The Darkest Hour – At Least It’s Not Skyline

The Darkest Hour Trailer 2011 Movie Official HD


How many alien invasion films have we gotten in the last 2 years? This is bloody ridiculous (and that’s not even counting the “thoughtful” lower budget attempts like Monsters.) On the plus side, it looks better and sounds more plausible in execution than the last film that had glowy bits descending from the heavens. On the minus side, the science is going to be completely ABSURD and it’s giving me bad Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within flashbacks. There is also the usual gaggle of teens that I suspect I will wish murder upon when I watch it, and the sheer implausibility of the light bulb scene is just eyerolling.  At the very least, though, one thing this trailer doesn’t have is the “gritty” shakey-cam that is popular with the epic disaster genre lately. One of the very, very few blessings that Hollywood is capable of these days.

They probably thought setting it in Russia would a good change of environment, and hey, equal opportunity destruction amirite? Maybe one day there will be a (hopefully good) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. film. A guy can hope.

P.S: I refuse to post about Battleship. Sorry, Mr Neeson, I love your badasstitude but there are limits to my dreck buffer.