Windows Live Writer Beta 3

I am typing this on WLW Beta 3. I wrote about the first beta, which was already very usable at the time. This is the best of breed in blogging software on Windows.

Quite a lot of changes for beta 3, but the best thing for me is “Publish XHTML-style markup”.

In other news, CCleaner 2.0 is now RC and Spybot Search & Destroy has reached 1.5.1 final. I recommend both very highly.

Community Server 2.1 MetaBlog API Update

The Telligent crew back ported the Blog File Drop feature slated for CS 3.0 into 2.1. What it means is that I can upload more than one picture per post via the MetaWeblogAPI. This is fantastic news. It simply means I no longer have to futz around with the Photo Gallery should I need more than one picture in a post. This is also the first post I am doing with Windows Live Writer, which is really nice.

Get it.