New Kid on the Blog

Ah… the first entry.

Usually where its the most redundant entry comes in, but you just feel you are obliged to write something….anything cos you spent the last hour trying to sign up for the damn thing.

Which is what is exactly happening now.

Hmm…lets see, a little self intro?

Am Single.


In my thirties (uh-oh! bad combo) 

Hokkien but pretending to be a Cantonese.

Loves Movies.

Currently hooked on Haruki Murakami Novels.

Still reading comics Graphic Novels.

Prefers Cats to Dogs. 

Nike Slut.

In Love with watches I can never afford to buy.

Basically, I just another typical Gen-X guy who's comfortably numb in his own shell.


Stay tuned, folks.


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