Barthelme for Community Server 2007 v2.5

Finally done with the update of Barthelme to CS2007. Actually, Scott’s latest version 3.0.1 is so different structurally that it is less an update than a fresh port.

Why 2.5? Barthelme v3.0.1 for WordPress features very semantic markup and includes support for a few microformats. My port for CS2007 is only halfway there, for now.

The theme has a link in the footer to New York City Flower Delivery, which is Scott’s sponsor. If you absolutely need to remove it, the relevant code is very near the bottom of the theme.Master file.

Barthelme 2.5 for CS2007

White as Milk for CS 2.1

Yet another adaptation of a minimalist WordPress theme, “White as Milk” by Azeem Azeez.

I did the variant with the dark background by request. Not quite happy with it, but I think its usable.

White As Milk for CS2.1 v1.1

Please comment if you are planning to use it, together with the URL of your blog, as Azeem requested to see it in action.

The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL.

Barthelme for CS 2.1

After working on it on and off for a while it is finally (I think) ready for release.

There probably will be issues as its only been tested on my own blog. The CSS definitely has some extraneous stuff which I will be working to be rid of for the next release. I would appreciate feedback or, even better, fixes.

Originally created by Scott Allan Wallick for WordPress.

Released under the GNU GPL.

Barthelme for CS2.1