Amazon Swag: November 2006

My Amazon order arrived late last week. I am a happy and contented man.

Clockwise from top left, a pair of Ayreon albums, “Into the Electric Castle” and “Actual Fantasy Revisited”, Frameshift “An Absence of Empathy”, “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence After the Long Goodbye” and the pièce de résistance, “The Absolute Sandman, Volume 1”.

Community Server Daily News

I have only just realised that I have been mentioned twice in the Community Server Daily News. (I’m duckie)

This site runs on Community Server by the way, and I highly recommend it. Version 3 (due Q1 2007) will be even better.

Signs Of Aging


  • now consider David Gilmour of Pink Floyd to be the greatest guitarist alive, used to be Steve Vai

  • have been seeking out as many performances of Beethoven’s 9th as I can, so I can decide which I like best. For now, it is Furtwangler’s ’51 recording

  • am listening to a lot of classical music, Chinese, Indian, European

  • am heavily into the old blues and jazz guys: Blind Willie Johnson, Charlie Christian, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Miles Davis

  • love the old Chinese divas, especially Bai Guang

Oh my, is that my life flashing before my eyes?

Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation

I was taking a taxi to work one day, the driver had the Scorpions on the stereo, so I was like “right on!” and we started talking about the good stuff such as Deep Purple and Mr. Big. He revealed that his 15 year old son complains that its too loud when he cranks up AC/DC at home. What the hell?

If I have any kids, I have a feeling they’ll be listening to pop music to annoy me.

New Love

Picked up this darling just a couple of days ago, courtesy the government of Singapore.


Its an Ibanez SZ320. The photo fails to do it justice.

Posing it in front of my other treasure, the CD collection. Fell in love with the tone and feel when I tried it, was a no brainer. The intonation was just about perfect off the shelf, and I did not need to adjust the action. It has a set neck, string-though-body design, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard… and the bridge is a thing of beauty. Sustains forever. Aaaaaaa… you could go and have a bite and… aaaaaaaaa… you’d still be hearing that one.

Oh my ex-guitar, you have served me well, but your hardware is corroding, the frets are worn out, and your knobs and pickup toggle and other bits are falling off. And Marty Friedman endorses my new love. I’m sorry but it wasn’t even a contest…

Now all I need is an amp that goes up to eleven.

printf(“Hello World!n”);

This is my blog.

I am:

  • much too serious about music, a matter of life and death; or, as a friend puts it, the characters in High Fidelity reminds him of me
  • a geek. I tweak my PCs till they run just so, and spend time keeping my MAME collection up to date
  • somewhat socially dysfunctional
  • single

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