Faith No More – Just A Man

“Man was born to love –
Though often he has sought
Like Icarus, to fly too high.
And far too lonely than he ought
To kiss the sum of east and west
And hold the world at his behest –

To hold the terrible power
To whom only gods are blessed –
But me, I am just a man”

A great performance of one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands: Just A Man, Phoenix Festival 20-7-1997.

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Fred Durst, Wes Scantlin and Jimmy Page – Thank You

A performance of Thank You at the MTV European Music Awards, 2001. Fred Durst was so bad he made Jimmy sound mediocre. Think about that for a moment, he made Jimmy Page, guitar god, sound mediocre. I laughed at the little “you and me” gesture he did because it was so…laughable.

A mini open letter to Fred Durst:

Fred, please leave classic rock alone. You do not have the pipes to carry those songs off. Singing Thank You in a monotone does not make it a reinterpretation.

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Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line

This is a home video of Johnny Cash’s last public performance. You could tell he was troubled physically, but the humour and the authority, he still got it.

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Chinese Democracy

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy cover

Looks like the album might be released before actual democracy in China, after almost a full decade of work. Probably too much to ask the album to live up to ten years of hype and anticipation, I, for one, will be trying to keep an open mind, and hope it is at least good, and please please please not overproduced, though sadly it will probably be closer to Use Your Illusion II than I.

On a side note, I see that Clay Aiken has a new album out titled A Thousand Different Ways made up of covers of “classic” love songs. Sure, there are a thousand different paths to blandness…

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David Gilmour – Blue Light

You might consider Dave a titan among men like I do, but pro-Syd and pro-Roger fans can always say they never did anything like the video “Blue Light”.

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AC/DC – Sin City

AC/DC have got an unfair bad rep. Sure they have hardly evolved since the first album, but they are the best at what they do.

I am an especially big fan of the Bon Scott era. This video of Sin City performed in Paris has got everything, leering whiskey poet Bon Scott, crazy duck-walking Angus Young and the bloody tightest rhythm section in rock and roll.

Side note: Angus Young uttered one of the best ever quotes in music. On being told his band was accused of making the same album over and over, 12 times to be exact: “That’s a dirty lie!” Angus blurts, “The truth is that we’ve made the same album over and over 14 times!”

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